Dear Britain: This is not a “fun fact” at all.

HM Treasury tweet

On the 9th of February 2018, the British government’s economic and finance ministry, HM Treasury, tweeted what they thought was a “surprising #FridayFact” (see screen-grab above). They then promptly deleted it .

In other words, to them it is something of a fun fact (“Hey, Did You Know…”?) that Britain accrued nearly two centuries of debt partly to perpetuate the wealth of slave owners and their descendants, with the bonds used to compensate slave owners only completely paid off in 2015. Some tidbit, this.

And the creditors raking in the money all these years – who were they? Who were the descendants being compensated for their ‘losses’ until a few years ago. How has that money been reinvested?

But, even more incredibly, descendants of slaves, who themselves never got any compensation, have literally been compensating the descendants of slave-owners. What evil logic is this?

In other news, blackbodies all over the world are being told to “get over it” whenever they raise the issue of slavery, empire and colonialism.